14. The Royal Cosmic Path

Of the three possible paths of man as soul back to the heart of the Cosmos, that of the middle one constitutes the most original and ultimate one.

This middle one is that of the Royal Highway back to the top of the Physical Macrocosm and even higher above still, to the top of the greater, Ocean of love and mercy Spiritual Macrocosm highest division of our whole immediate Cosmic Creation and Existence.

This is the Way of the Neuter cosmic Spirit of God which is the essence of the One Universal Religion of God for soul. The other paths or ways are of course, those of the Astral or Mental plane levels and are made up of only the most corrupted form of the Primary Spirit namely, the Psychic force.

The Psychic force and its dual polarities of Negative and Positive, and upon them—the polarities, exist the Left-hand and the Right-hand paths of Black and White magic.

The Royal, Middle cosmic Path of ibala or IBbala Malende known otherwise, all below our immediate cosmic Existence as the Order of Ocean Of Love And Mercy, is the most original and direct path of the pure Soul, that which is known as the Only One Universal Religion of God, for soul.

Only the very eager and enterprising soul can travel this path through the Physical Universe of perishable worlds and planes to heaven in Sat lok and even the Tenth, Leza plane and above into the regions of the grand division of the Ocean of love and mercy.

Lord Suns or Christ supreme World Saviours have travelled this path right to the top of the Ocean of love and mercy. The Spiritual Masters too, have travelled to the top of Existence after the great Lord Suns, followed by their disciples up the Tenth plane top of our Physical Macrocosm for the final ritual, of God-Realisation after that of Self-Realisation below on Sat look, first and lowest true heaven namely, the Fifth Soul plane.

Now, Sat lok is the original home ( of birth ) of Spiritual travel, that which came out of the fuller One Universal Doctrine of the One Universal Religion namely, Siliso.

The lower version or level of Spiritual travel is that of Spiritual Science, which has its foundation on the Subconscious Mind plane top of the Physical Universe.

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