16. The Divisions Of One Universal Religion

The One Universal Religion of God for soul is none but the cosmic Order of IBbala Malende.

Within our immediate Existence, order is known as the Ocean Of Love And Mercy, for it was first founded and established in the Ocean of love and mercy greater Spiritual Macrocosm.

Later, however, following the birth of soul this Order—of the Ocean of love and mercy was to be reproduced and established upon the Tenth, Leza plane top of our own immediate Physical Macrocosm.

Yet it was then to serve souls, the fallen little children of Light only indirectly by its Earth cosmic School for soul most original World order of the Brethren-In-White.

The One Universal Religion of God was presided over, right from its foundation in the Ocean of love and mercy grand heaven, by IBbala—the LOGOS or Word of God.

This cosmic Order—of the One Universal Religion was founded consisting of three levels or divisions. These were:-
(a) The most original and the topmost level known as the Story Of God—hence, the Eternal Gospel .
(b) The most original Eternal Gospel Doctrine namely, SILISO—was to be the second topmost level or division.
(c)  Thirdly, and lastly was to come lowest the One Eternal Gospel Scriptures.

The Eternal Gospel was and Is indeed, the central and overall embodiment of the One Universal Religion. Being the cosmic Story of God as per The LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book of God—the Autobiography Of God.

This Story of God starts long before the appearance of Leza (God) Itself and goes on upon the second league of the Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence of God above and beyond the Ocean of love and mercy.

The one Eternal Gospel Doctrine of SILISO was to manifest as Spiritual Travel on Sat lok—the lowest true heaven. It was from here in Sat Look—the Fifth Soul plane that SILISO was to be imported down to Earth as Spiritual travel, where it was to be the foundation substance of the great Masonic Order.

The Masonic Order was meant to re in-force the original Spiritual Science stream of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures. For Spiritual Science had originated in Spiritual travel to become Spiritual Science on the Saguna Look top of our Physical Universal.

Now, long after the birth on Earth, of LOGOS as the One ORIGINAL AND WHOLE One Universal Religion, the major Orthodox  Religions of the Earth world, were rolled up together on the Conscious Mind plane by the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS.

Then the Lord LOGOS lifted up this mixed religious lot up the Subconscious Mind top of the Physical Universe and converted it (them) all then, into the Ultimate cosmic essence of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures.

Thus was born afresh the one original substance of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures—today, as well as tomorrow’s Spiritual Science.

All that happened towards the end of the month of July 2001 A.D.E.

                      Love You All ( LOGOSOGO )
                                     Copyright: Sons of the Sun  LOGOS HQ.