17. The Eternal Beacon

The One most original and Ultimate foundation and establishment of Light for soul in all Creations and Existences—our Physical Universe, Physical world and Earth, is none but the only One Universal Religion of God for all created souls.

The One Universal Religion of the Cosmic Order of IBbala Malende as it is told in The LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book of God for soul, is the very foundation and source of all teachings and practices of soul.

The Most Original and first ever, level of the Order and Autobiography of God, is that of the Eternal Gospel. The second level is that of SILISO One Eternal Gospel Doctrine which was to become Spiritual travel upon Sat Lok.

The third is that of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures which was to be founded upon the Subconscious Mind plane as Spiritual Science .Out of the Spiritual Science parent stream was to come, upon the Conscious Mind plane ,the Orthodox Religion and the Material Science twin stream.

Out of this twin stream was to come the Psychic or Metaphysical paths and teachings of man. Upon the next, Astral plane below was to be born the Arts.

 The Material teachings and establishments especially the Commercial undertakings were to be born upon the Physical (plane ) world inclusive of our own Mother Earth.

This was just as the one Universal Religion of God itself, had been destined, and so been stretched down from the parent foundation and Order upon the Tenth, Leza plane, so that it would in the end, become reproduced and established on Earth ( on the early morning of 6 June 1979 A.D.) to become the One World Spiritual Movement of LOGOS of the cosmic Order of IBbala Malende.

Love You All , MC. (LOGOSOGO)
Copyright: Sons of the Sun  LOGOS  HQ.