18. The Beacon Of The World

Just as the One Universal Religion of the Order of IBbala Malende is the Beacon for all cosmic Creation and Existence, so is the World Spiritual Movement of the Order of IBbala Malende, the Beacon for Earth and the whole of the Physical world and Universe.

In-fact just as I have said so many times before, the World Spiritual Movement evolved up the universe and back to the parent Order on the Tenth, Leza plane by the year 1996 A.D.

Then it was to evolve further up—along with its founding Adept, into and right to the top of the Ocean of love and mercy greater, Spiritual Macrocosm.

There on still, it continued to evolve into and upwards into the Cosmic Order of IBbala Malende, come the second league of cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence—into Pseudo-Existence above our original and immediate cosmic Existence.

The Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS was to keep going with the process of Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence as Mould Zero (0) of The Cosmic Holy Book of God has the story of cosmic creation.

So too, then, was to continue to rise this World Spiritual Movement back into the parent Order of Ocean of Love And Mercy to the supreme, most original and ultimate Cosmic Order of IBbala Malende. What is generally referred to, down here on Earth as World Spiritual Movement, is really but the one and same One Universal Religion of God for soul.

As hinted out earlier on, orthodox religions have had the beacon of the world for that Piscean Neptunian emotional element Era of Mass consciousness. The Orthodox Religion stream, as it were, no longer  reigns ( along with its Psychic and the mystical ramifications.

The present, and indeed, to the end of time, is the Age ( the Kali Yuga) only—and exclusively of the One Universal Religion. Nothing else shall cope and could be a foundation for the right World consciousness and with total cosmic Authority and Power.

Only the One Universal Religion of God—this very World Spiritual Movement, with its three divisions of the Eternal Gospel, Eternal Gospel Doctrine of SILISO and the Eternal Gospel Scriptures of Spiritual Science on the lowest level, constitutes for the Physical world now and forever, the Beacon of Light and is the Font of Knowledge and Wisdom as well as the Crucible of Life and Consciousness.

Un fortunately, mankind, especially the often less informed and easily misled masses of man, love to hold on to the past and to continue forever, but to merely exist in the past long, a past long since out lived and burnt to ashes.

Mankind shall not continue to live in the past while existing in the present. There is no World consciousness but that of the present Solar cycle, and nothing no human walk of life be it Business, Social, Education, Governance, National or International human relations shall be right and yield adequate results outside the Beacon and World Consciousness brand and level of the present One Universal Religion on Earth of the present Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS !

         Love You All, M.C. (LOGOSOGO)
                        Copyright; Sons of the Sun   LOGOS HQ.