Part 3. The One-Plus-Three Avatar

Now, come the occasion of ascending to His due universal office and pedestal of Cosmic Father Eagle Lord LOGOS on the early morning of 28 July 1996 A.D., when the Angels sang on the inner, ’Leza waba Muntu...’ ( God has become man...) which has since become as an Anthem for LOGOS , and it was not the first occasion Angels sang for him, the African Avatar was again three in One plus his physical Self.

Then as he sat outside at midday—in broad daylight, three giant Persons appeared, standing in a parade, before him ( as if for military inspection ) humbly staring at him.

These giant beings in his own image, personality and even mannerisms, were non but the Persons of the Cosmic trinity of God, come into the physical world to act out the roles of :-

a. World Teacher b. World Ruler c. World Warrior

So, now, perhaps, we are ready at this point, to embark on the story of the Cosmic Eagle, Lord Logos and His One, Universal Religion of God for All created Souls.

M,C. ( Logosogo)
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.