The World Waits

The Catholic Church and the world at large are in waiting for the birth of yet another one of a long line of Successors to the great Fisherman Simon Peter.

Now, the major orthodox religions of the world have long since been brought together upon the Mental plane in the City of Kailash---known to Christians as New Jerusalem or the ‘Bridal City of Jesus’, to re constitute upon the Subconscious plane top of our Physical Universe, the greater, parent, Spiritual Science Stream.

In future when both the church and the world have woken up to the greater spiritual truths of the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, the election of a next Pope shall come though directly from the inner planes of our immediate, Physical Universe.

Take for an example the anointing of the Living LOGOS Master or Son ...Christ—Lord LOGOS. It is done by direct divine intervention right on the spot.

The candidate might go into a special room—and edifice or LOGOSO namely the central LOGOS Temple of Golden Wisdom even I and others of the Avatar—Vishnu stream wait outside on the green grass.

The candidate for Son LOGOS goes into a special Hut and is suddenly flooded with the most original Light of the most original force of the cosmic Consciousness of the Most Original and Ultimate God.

Otherwise, behold on the early morning of the 28th of September, a ceremony in the Valley of Shangta in Tibet, a large, colourful shooting Star, and a Voice; ‘ ”A Child Is Born !”

A Pillar of molten White Light from the Heavens above, descends upon the Candidate for the Son cosmic Dove en transit to Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, presently Mega Oyusa.

The now out-gone Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya of Changier then, a towering Giant, presides before a host of beings from all over the Physical Universe.

With the birth of Gabalado Monastery and the Leza-butatu Spiritual City on Table Mt., these ceremonies have now shifted from the East to Southern Africa along with the cosmic Spiritual Tree.

Otherwise all orthodox religions now fall under LOGOS—the One Universal Religion of the Order of IBbala Malende, and a series of articles about this long Waiting of humanity generally for the un known, shall be written soon on this forum.

Such waiting as in 1960, 1963, and ultimately the close of the 20th Century of the 2nd Millennium in the birth of the year 2000 A.D.E.
What was the world and the Universe waiting for right into the year 2000 in the 21st Century of the 3rd Millennium ?

Love you all