The organisation of LOGOS is sub divided into two, namely, that which is of 1. Headquarters and that which composes 2. LOGOS World Wide, as follows :
  1. This level starts with the Order of the Sons of the Swun down into the actual body of the Gabalado Monastery and into the LOGOSO namely, the central LOGOS Temple of Golden Wisdom.
Intertwined or overlapping with the central LOGOS Temple of Golden Wisdom is the parent formation level itself of the LOGOS Headquarters. All the above, is of course situated only within the Missionary Order of LOGOS.
  1. Then come the rest of the LOGOS Orders. Coming second to that of the Missionary is that of the Arts Order, Teaching and learning Order, and then the Charity Order in which is the LOGOS International Office Headquarters, which opens down, and out to the earth world at large as Continental Office ( besides the International office departments of the one parent International Office Headquarters); Regional office formation level after the Continental, and finally the National office formation level within each such region of a continent of the entire Earth world .